Xmas Fun








Xmas Fun is a top rated family favorite app based on positive psychology to help families understand more about each other, and be grateful, appreciative, and curious about each other. It’s Family Fun with a Christmassy twist! Games will be added and updated regularly.

Xmas fun is great for all ages. Currently we have 5 available games:

Xmas Conversations: includes over 150 different questions, to help you develop a deeper understanding of each other and what makes each member of the family tick. It’s a great activity for all the family to learn to share thoughts, feelings and ideas.

Xmas Charades: is a game to play with friends, and family, with over 50 different, randomly generated actions for you to perform, hours of entertainment.

Xmas Quiz: includes a True/False quiz, including game mode, where it is a competition to the highest score within 1 minute! Who will win?

Xmas Mindsets: Research tells us that people who develop a growth mindset – one where they believe that their most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work are more successful, happy and more resilient. This game encourages you to look for positive, growth mindset based statement and “pop” any negative or fixed mindset statements. The more negative statements you pop, and the more growth mindset statements which you leave, the more points you get

Xmas Kindness: Doing just 5 small acts of kindness a week can boost moods; boost self esteem; boost immune system; and increase empathy. This game encourages you to pick one of our small acts of kindness or make up your own. You can then record your acts of kindness in the app and every night family members can share with each other what acts of kindness they did today and how it made them feel.

Xmas Fun includes the ability to save your favorite questions as wallpapers for your device with just the tap of a button, as well as professionally animated characters.

You can even share all the questions within the app to your favorite social networks, and via Airdrop..

Have fun and listen to be surprised!