Everyone has the opportunity to flourish.  We develop apps to help children and families understand emotions, have interesting conversations, laugh, learn resilient strategies, and most importantly have fun.  All our apps are developed by children for children.

Positive Penguins is a fun educational ipad/iphone app to help them children understand why they feel the way they do and help them challenge their negative thinking. The four positive penguins take you on a journey to help you understand that feelings arise from your thinking and if you challenge your negative thoughts successfully you may be able to see things in a more realistic and even optimistic way.  Facebook Page

FF1024Family Fun  is a wonderful app based on positive psychology to help families understand more about each other, and be grateful, appreciative, and curious of each other. Games will be added and updated regularly.  Currently we have 5 games:Conversation Starters, Charades, Kindness is Catchy, Growth Mindsets and a Family Quiz.  Facebook Page

Screen Shot 2013-08-28 at 11.06.15 PMXmas Fun has positive psychology based games with a Christmas theme to enable families to enjoy the holidays together and learn more about each other. The games allow you to have fun, listen to be surprised and laugh hard! Facebook Page